Follow Our Latest Expedition

Curious about our work?  You can follow along with the expedition live as it unfolds!

We will blog and tweet live from our expedition to collect the remains of dinosaurs that lived and died at the dawn of the Late Cretaceous of  Montana between June 24th and July 9th 2017.  Follow us on Twitter #MTdinodig17 for the fastest real time updates.

Or read about our 2016 expeditions to Utah, New Mexico and Montana.

The team adds support to a 2015 lb plaster jacket protecting a section of sauropod spine

Or follow along with our team via our Field Blog, join us on Twitter @ExpeditionLive, or watch our video shorts on Vine.

Want to talk to us live from the expedition?  Each Summer we livestream from our field sites to the Daily Planet Theater at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh.  You can speak with project scientists in real-time from the museum’s theater by checking the calendar at the museum or Click here to watch the archived live stream videos of our scientists talking directly from the expedition.

Skyping with the museum via iPhone, expedition 2014
Skyping with the museum from the central Utah desert

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Live expeditions from the Paleontology Research Lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

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