Time to Test the Field Vehicles…

Expedition Botswana June 23 – July 8 2012

Last month, Expedition Live! launched its first digital expedition—to Botswana.

The goal of this trip was to survey field localities for a long term study on animal carcasses and decomposition. But it is always wise to test *cough, cough* your field vehicle’s capabilities pronto to make sure they are up to par.  (Who said science is boring?!)

Here we kick off our blog series on Expedition Botswana 2012 with a few of our favorite driving moments.

Big surprise… Third Bridge in Moremi Game Reserve is down again.  Time to test our 4×4’s field readiness.

Bridge?!  Who needs a stinkin’ bridge?!  Watch Dr. Z go mono y mono with the Khwai River.

Sand.  Its smooth as silk to drive on.  Except when it is three feet deep, 30 kilometers long, and washboarded to all heck… but who’s complaining?

Can’t get enough sand? Apparently, neither could we (even if we wanted to).  Here we are on route to Nxai Pan.

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