Lisa collects some of our new dinosaur.
On our last day of prospecting we hit the jackpot, an area where you could hardly walk without stepping on bone.  Here we marked several sites that we will return to next year for full excavations.  One in particular had me jumping up and down, a new small theropod species. So what does a dinosaur look like when it is found… not much.

Doesn’t look like much?! This is what dinosaur bones look like when we first stumble upon them in the field.

This particular pile of fossil rubble, is all that is left of a skeleton of Eolambia. When we find fossil bone eroding out of a hillside when we are prospecting, we are allotted some room to poke around.  Here, Kate, a graduate student at NCSU investigates whether there is more bone in the hill.

Kate has a look around…

In addition to the new theropod, we found several other sites perched on the side of some beautiful scenery.

The storm rolls in… again.

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