Last Day and on Our Way

Last day in the quarry with one task, to get the last large jacket down and into the truck. Started questioning why we made such a big jacket. Hopefully this strategy with pay off back in the lab.

We isolated an area with a concentration of bones, both large and small. Larger bones are always easier to identify in the field and can be preserved much easier, but are harder to move, while smaller bones are usually more fragile, break easily and don’t show themselves until it is too late. Our goal is to be able to go through the rock more slowly in the lab using microscope and fine tools and hopefully be able to find and preserve some more delicate parts of the skull and smaller animals. The only question is whether those elements are contained in this large and heavy block of rock we are transporting from this remote location back to the Lab at the Nature Research Center.

We managed to maneuver the block on the iron duck first down a steep hill, then up a smaller one then down a really steep one, then across a flattish wash, then down the big cliff. Don’t want to have to do that again anytime soon. Took some pictures along the way. Enjoy!



Strapping the jacket to the stretcher. This one is pushing 300 lbs.


A rest before the home stretch.


I can see the truck!! Only one little hill to go.

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