Mile high crocs

Lindsay told everyone about the amazing rescue of the atv and the good news for our crew member.  I wanted a few other highlights.  First we got a new crew member today, David.  Here he is with Eric before our hike today.

We looked for fossils in a small basin that we soon found was made of rock formed by shallow ocean water complete with beach, clams, and sharks.  Here is a picture of the opposite side of our basin…what a view.


Here’s a picture of the large bed of clams and some crazy calcium carbonate deposit.   Look at those pretty paralellograms.



In the excitement of yesterdays events we forgot to mention the coolest fossil find.  This is a picture of a fossil crocodile track as it scraped the bottom of a tidal river swimming through shallow coastal swamp.  This animal would be over 20 feet long.   Think of a salt water croc.


With one atv down, tomorow i will take a group up to a cretaceous fossil lake with algae deposits.  Cool!!!

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