Today was a rough day. Pushed the crew to the limit. We’ve been wondering whether we had all gone soft over the winter, but many of us were used to fairly brutal temperatures during field work. So we decided (against our better judgement) to record the temperature on site today. I was fairly shocked at the result–117 degrees IN THE SHADE at 1pm. But then again, once Susan shouted out the temp to me, everything made sense. With the sun beating down on us while we were picking and shoveling folks were dropping like flies. I kept a close eye on those that were overheating and somehow we all made it through the day.

For me, backpacking the jackhammer up the 200 foot cliff to Kate’s Ridge was the major feat, especially when it shifted on my back and nearly flipped me off the side of the hill. Then I descended to meet Lisa and haul up the fuel and bits. All in all, we were one exhausted crew that night. Job well done.


Lisa takes a turn on the jackhammer. Unfortunately, Dino’s don’t dig up themselves.

One thought on “Brutality”

  1. Amazing stuff!! Stay hydrated and know that we are thinking about you all! Hope those rocks are ready to hand over the knowledge they are holding!

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