Crew al Dente

Crew shot in Grand Junction Colorado. Day 1


After car troubles in Grand Junction put us back several hours, we finally rolled into camp at around 8 pm and began furiously working to get our camp set up before dark. Luckily we had clear skies unlike last time when we set up during a rather nasty rain/wind storm, which tends to complicate the matter.

This morning we got the rest of our act together and loaded up to check out the sites we found last year. It was clear that after the long drive, major shift in elevation from North Carolina, and the unfortunate and rather oppressive heat wave that hit the western USA this weekend, the crew was in bad sorts today.

We went first to Lisa’s site, where we had left a capped limb bone in the hill last year. After a brief stint of picking and shoveling, we did find a few more bits of bone, which was encouraging so we left a bit of the crew at the site and moved on to the sites farther away.

There we had found the lower leg of a new theropod dinosaur. I had a feeling that we had collected all that there was of this animal last year, but more of the skeleton might allow us to diagnose this species and understand its implications for the evolution of theropod dinosaurs in North America. After waiting a long long year Lisa and I were totally stoked to get back to the site. We opened up a large area in the hill but so far no bone… We’ll keep digging on it tomorrow but morale is low, that may be all there was of this animal that preserved.

Everyone was suffering in the near 100 degree heat today, no shade. Most of the crew ran out of water (they wont make that mistake again) and everyone was overheating during our picking and shoveling stints. Tomorrow with any luck we will be more acclimated!

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