Gone with the Wind

Things can get pretty windy out here. We are used to that. Last night things got a bit windier than usual. Lisa and I crawled out of our tents in the middle of the night to batten down camp, after a while there is nothing else to do but wait and see what holds up and what fails. So we went back to bed. Most of our crew is new to fieldwork so the deafening winds were responsible for a fair bit of unease. Especially when people’s tents were blowing down on top of them with each gust. A few collapsed their tents and slept in the truck others finally collapsed from exhaustion themselves. despite getting smacked by their tents.

At one point Lisa got something from the kitchen tent and started walking away. Five feet later she turned back and the shelter was gone. This despite the wire cables and foot long augers that were bolting it to the ground. I was relieved because that dang tent was making such a racket in the wind that it was keeping me awake. When it suddenly became quiet enough to sleep, I had a feeling the shelter had excused itself from camp. Indeed, in the morning when I crawled out of my tent I was a bit shocked to find the destruction left behind.


Scrambled eggs anyone?


Lisa surveys the scene.


Aha! That’s where our kitchen shelter went!

One thought on “Gone with the Wind”

  1. Wind and heat. Sounds a bit like Dante’s Inferno. Next time try a sky hook and an AC. Above all, keep safe.

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