What a weekend. Stormy, stormy, stormy. Each day we’ve been happily quarrying along until early afternoon when the darkness rolls in. Yesterday the black clouds began to build over Kate’s Ridge around 2:30. We listened to the thunder echoing off the cliffs around us and debated when it was time to call it. Finally, I went over the ridge and told the crew to pack it in. Within two minutes I found myself leaning 30 degrees into the pelting wind and rain. Hail followed after. Screaming at the crew over the wind to cover the plaster and equipment, we scrambled to protect the gear. Finally I shouted for them to head down the hill and just as I was finishing up, I noticed the bin cover on the jackhammer bin had flown down the cliff. Bummer. After dealing with that situation for a while I slid myself down the hillside and the 3/4 mile back to camp.

Today the storm came early, 1pm. Again I debated when to call it, but since all our gear was already soaked from yesterday and since we had finished preparing a plaster jacket for transport, I decided we would try to get back to camp before the rain came along. We strapped the 70 lb jacket to the stretcher and carried it down the hill from Kate’s ridge. Just as we got back to camp the storm finally hit with gusto.

After the storm passed we decided to go for a ride to Muddy Creek and see if there was any water left to wade in. We put our bathing suits on and drove 45 minutes. Finally arriving at the swim spot we cast our eyes off the bridge down at the “creek”. It was bone dry. So much for swimming. We thought we would try a second spot but as we drove up the mesa, a swirling wall of grey clouds greeted us. Second storm today, so we hightailed it back to camp. Current weather still raining.


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