Suicide Hill

Yesterday the crew was tirelessly hunting for the source of the multiple exploded species on Suicide Hill. Here we found theropod bone, ornithischian bone, turtle and crocodile bone.  We located bone in situ (in place in the ground) on all four sides of the hill.  Khai Button (NCSU grad student) digs on the south side of Suicide Hill:


Susan Drymala (NCSU grad student) excavates the nicest bone on the east side of Suicide Hill, here is a neural arch (top part) of a vertebra:



We are headed back to the hill this morning to see if we can find additional sources for the bone fragments, clearly more than one individual from more than one bone layer is here.  You might think that finding fossil bone in the Mussentuchit is the most difficult part of the job, but the truth is finding bone is easy, finding the bone layer where the bits of bone are eroding out of the hill can be near to impossible sometimes.  Like finding a needle in a haystack!

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