On Sunday the crew closed down he remaining quarries, collected all the bone we had exposed and turned our eyes to bigger and better prizes. That’s right, we headed out for four days of prospecting for new sites. We had located a new area to hunt for bone before coming out and drove out to have a look. We found bone almost immediately.

Returning the next day for a full day of prospecting with the full crew broken into teams. I love prospecting days, the air is tense with the anticipation of a great find around any given corner. It keeps you going during long days of climbing up and down treacherous hills in the heat. Today I did not have to anticipate for long. After only an hour of hunting I found an iguanodontian skull, and a big sucker at that. I busied myself with stabilizing the find and then went to look for Khai. Passing over the hill above me it looked as though a host of Dino’s had blown themselves up all over,the hillside above me, in almost 360 degrees. Alas, Suicide Hill was discovered. Photos to come.

Dark Clouds Descend


Heck of a storm last night. Happily digging on The Creeper, when the temp dropped about 10 degrees in an instant. Climbed up over the hill to have a look. All I could see was a wall of red sand and rain just beyond the hill. “Time to go, Emily!”

Made it to Lisa’s site in time to help the crew secure it, then we all ran back to camp. Hail and wind beaten!

Bone no More

After three days picking, and shoveling, and jack hammering at Kate’s Ridge and at the Stormy Theropod site in the 120 degree heat, both site have yielded no more bone. We will now have to close down the quarries and fill them back in with rock. The crew at the turtle site had good luck, more of the turtle in the hill, a second species on a sheer cliff face nearby, and a busted up croc skull we are on the hunt for this afternoon.