First Days of Utah Expedition 2014

Its only been a few days since we set up camp in Utah and already great things are happening on this year’s expedition.  We began by opening up three of the sites discovered last year, including two of our Late Cretaceous localities in the Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation: Big Daddy skull site and Suicide Hill, the juvenile Eolambia.  The third site we opened is actually in the famous Late Jurassic Morrison Formation.  This latter site contains a juvenile sauropod skeleton discovered by an amateur family last summer.

IMG_5887Paul Brinkman and two students from Appalachian State University uncover the plaster cap protecting the sauropod skeleton from the winter elements.


Big Daddy is already yielding more skull material and other bones.  Here Lisa, Khai, and Haviv excavate the Big Daddy site.


More skull in ground at Big Daddy.



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