There’s more to records than B-Sides


It goes without saying that documentation is an integral aspect of any science, but I’m going to say it anyway.  DOCUMENTATION IS AN INTEGRAL ASPECT OF ANY SCIENCE!  Without the proper records and record-keeping procedures, the context of the specimen is completely lost.

This is going to be my first real in-field experience and the concept of following proper methods has been drilled into my head from both hypothetical and practical perspectives.  Case in point:  this bucket of matrix that came from…….wait…….we don’t know where this came from!  Take a wild guess why  🙂

One thought on “There’s more to records than B-Sides”

  1. Sounds like @expeditionlive team has done a good job drilling data recording skills into our new cohort of NCSU undergrads. We have four students along as part of BIO 495 Paleontological Field Methods this year. Each will be posting on the blog site. Follow to learn what’s its like to be the new student on the block #UTdinodig15

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