Great Things Come In Small Packages

Suicide Hill is turned out to be an interesting site. Lots of skull bones here, which is quite unusual. Also there’s this……we thought we had a single animal here but it seems as if we gave at least two individuals. Yesterday we uncovered three dentaries (lower jaw bones), which means we have more than one animal buried here. Other well preserved bones are here including bones of the pelvis.  

exposed bones at Suicide Hill
One interesting pattern that is turning up here is a pile of theropod teeth on one area of the quarry.  This includes one stellar discovery–a tyrannosauroid premaxillary tooth. Quite distinctive, this tooth is most similar to early tyrannosaur species from Asia at this time. Strengthening the hypothesis of faunal interchange between these continents at this time.  

tyrannosauroid tooth at the burial site of a juvenile Eolambia
The team is desperate to find a skeleton of this new tyrannosaur species. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time!! 

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