Putting Deep Eddy to Rest

contemplating the rest of the morning hike from the Black Gate…
almost there!

As the team continued the long hike in and out of Deep Eddy, we were rewarded with the discovery of more eggs within the quarry.  Since it was 3-4 hrs of hiking in and out a day, we spent as much time as possible at the site, leading to some hikes where we were racing the sunset to get back to camp before dark…

sometimes we made it…
sometimes we didn’t!

But finding dino eggs has a way of keeping up team spirits.


The site itself continued to be a bruiser.  The eggs were buried in incredibly hard mudstone, which  meant we had to use serious tools during the excavation.  Yet the eggshell was only a few millimeters thick so any impact on the fossils could be major.  With this in mind, we kept our distance from the fossils, slowly chipping away at the mudstone and when discovering an egg, moving around it leaving it buried within the rock so the preparators can uncover the eggshell with microscopes in the lab.


Eventually we’d exposed a portion of at least six eggs, winding our way around a large block.  Once we’d mapped all the eggs and fragments, preparations for the plaster jacket began.



Deep Eddy really did exceed our expectations. I had hoped for one or two more eggs, but it seems as if we have quite a few (at least seven) within our jacket.  For now, she rests buried back into the hillside deep in the Cliffs of Insanity until we can raise enough funds to get a helicopter to lift her to the truck for transport to the museum.  We can’t wait to see what what we did all that work for!


Team Deep Eddy minus photographer Terry Gates and Dr. M. Ryan King (already departed) at the end of 2017 season




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