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It’s a vert! It’s on the sagittal plane!

It’s SuperBone! I knew that dinosaurs were large, but seeing Sauropod bones in person is still unbelievable. 

After a week and a half in the desserts of Utah, I have learned more than I thought was possible about digging up and protecting prehistoric bones. During my last few days here, I hope to experience as much as I can in this new, exciting paleo world. 

Hoping for a Dino-Mite flight

After a few (million) weeks of learning about bones, I’m ready to go find some!  I know the field experience will leave us worn and weathered, but there’s so much out there to learn from. I cannot wait for all the humerus jokes we’ll share, and the discoveries we’ll make. And who knows! We could even find a few spare ribs. Hopefully we’ll find enough to fill up the dino-lab.

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here until tomorrow morning.