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Game on

Day 1 onsite and game on. First play. Get to the site…

Under normal circumstances not a problem. However, when you get halfway down the hill and realize that your 4 wheel will not engage… Trouble ensues. So… We started the expedition off right-by digging out the vehicle.



At the site, now game really on!

A Game of Chance

Today is a great day in the fossil lab.  You can feel the excitement in the air (oh and a hefty bit of dusty earth too).  Why, you ask?  Because it is packing day!

Tomorrow we leave for a ludicrous, whirlwind expedition where we will attempt to find some of the most elusive fossils on earth. That’s right, we are time traveling back to the Cretaceous of what is now Alabama to hunt for rare “fossilized” feathers.  Where does the ludicrous part come in?  Well, we only have a few days to dig at this particular site and we’ve been told it took 10 months of work to find just 16 feathers at this locality.  So… chances are good that we will come up short after three days of grueling work.  For good or bad, this is not a particular concern for me.  I’ve never had a problem playing against the odds.

We intend to post updates throughout the expedition staring with the packing up process today.  What goes into packing the 4×4 for a fossil collecting expedition?  In this case, not half as much as usual since it is such a short trip and we are not camping (the site is in the middle of an urban area).  But, half as much as usual is still a lot of gear.

Let the packing begin…

The pile begins.
The pile begins.