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Fry an Egg?

Its so hot here that the team got the idea to test the old adage (hypothesis??): “It’s hot enough to fry an egg…”

Hey, we are scientists after all.

After a hearty debate about whether to use a black slab of ironized sandstone or one of our metal tools (I voted for the former for purity sake, but the tools were in fact burning our hands…). We gave it a go.

Setting up our experiment: release the egg!
The die has been cast.
The results are in.

Well, after letting our experiment run for about an hour, we collected our data.

Our conclusion.  It’s darn hot, probably hot enough to fry an egg.  Only problem?  Its even dryer than hot!!  (We probably should have guessed this).  Our egg dehydrated before it could fry.

Isn’t science great?