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All Wrapped Up

yesterday we made the decision to take a bunch if fossils out in a single jacket. It’s not the easiest decision to make, as taking a big plaster jacket full of fossils is a logistical challenge when you are 300 feet above camp and a jacket this size will weigh several hundred pounds. Nonetheless we decide it had to be done. We mixed our batch of plaster, cut our filter foam, and wrapped up or precious cargo. In fact we’ve already used all our plaster and are getting additional provisions his afternoon. We’ll video the jacket pull with the head cam and post later.


It Was Asking For It

Calling the route to the Crystal Geyser Quarry a “road” is a bit like calling a pint of ice cream a “snack”.

The last big hurdle we hit when driving to the campsite is a canyon floored with a sandstone staircase.

It’s a bit of a nasty climb for our suburbans so one evening we decided to fight back.

A few sledges a bad attitude and we were on it.

Alex vs the ledge.
Oops… did you want that?

Kate cleans up.