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Whispers of Flit Canyon

There is a strange juxtaposition as one stares at the Book Cliffs.  They look so small in the distance,  five miles away.  Yet at their feet you feel so small staring up the five hundred foot edifice.


The dinosaurs we are hunting lie at the top of the cliffs with a confusing labrynth of roads criss-crossing the valley and only one leading to the top.


After provisioning in Grand Junction,  Colorado we headed out toward the Book Cliffs for the night.  Tonight we are sitting by the camp fire between Green River and Grand Junction on our way to western utah near a lake narry looked at by paleontologists for dinosaurs.


Visit tomorrow for pictures of our next field site.

A swim at the Geyser

Yesterday we took a rest and swam in the Green River near the Crystal Geyser. Legend reached our ears that the land owner recently dropped a stick of dynamite down the geyser to “improve” it but ended up muddling it up. We did see it boiling up but it never blew. Sounds like the story may be true. Bummer.